Since Then


Stuntpram 1995

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Since Then

Produced by Dave Steel

Engineered by Russell Pilling

Mastered by Don Bartley

Recorded at Damien Gerard’s Studio, Ultimo, Sydney 1994/95

Released on Stuntpram Records

Distributed by MDS August 1995

Track Listing

Alonely (Please Gabriel)

Biko (Peter Gabriel)

Reckless Wind (Baxter / Steel)


It’s Different Over Here

Within The Tides

Since Then (Words Henry Lawson / Music Peter Baxter)

Now She’s Leaving


Where The Snowy River Flows

Chance Would Be A Fine Thing

Don’t Say Goodbye

All Songs by PB unless stated otherwise


Dave Steel, Steph Miller, Johnny Spillane, Kathy Bluff, Andy Cachia, Darren Gower, Jimmy Gregory, Gerry Kortegast, David Plater &

Sophie Wheeler


Recorded & Mixed in Damien Gerard’s over 2 full on 6 day sessions. Mastered by Don Bartley and released through StuntPRAM / MDS this was such great fun to record to make. I gigged loads and toured everywhere I could. Appeared on radio in NT, SA, NSW, VIC and QLD. Great memories.


“Baxter provides the raw material; strong, melodic folk rock songs, and a voice that could b accurately described using the same pronouns. Steel takes this input and adds some double acoustic guitar lines, mandolin and some roaring harp phrases and fashions Baxter’s music into a compelling CD......A surprisingly good debut.”

Stephen Andrew, Rhythms Magazine, October 1995

“Rollicking is the word that springs to mind when listening to Peter Baxter. In the tradition of Australian story telling and that strange Celtic sound that seeps through much of our culture, here stands Peter Baxter with his sticker laden guitar case. Since Then is tasteful....Hopefully we’ll hear it on the airwaves soon. (9/10) “

Eric Lewis, Beat Magazine

“Extraordinarily material. Dave Steel’s warm production empathises with Baxter’s acoustic feel”

Peter Holmes, The Sun Herald, September 1995

“A fantastic disc from a songwriter with some memorable songs and a great voice”

The Form Guide, Punters Club, Melbourne, October 1995

“A fine first up effort!”

Dirty Linen (USA) April / May 1996

“Thumbs Up. Crunchy new version of Biko”

Folk Roots (UK) Jan / Feb 1996

“On the strength of Since Then he’ll be worth seeing live”

Rock n Reel (UK)

Dave Steel, Johnny Spillane & me

Dave Steel, Steph Miller, me, Dave Plater & Andy Caccia

Steph Miller, ?, Dave Steel, Jimmy Gregory & me

Russ Pilling, Me, Dave Steel & Steph Miller